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Swimming is a lifelong sport and provides the best recreation. It is an ideal form of exercise, as workload of joints and bones. Improves cardiac function and respiratory diseases, develop balance and coordination, improves your posture, relieves back pains, neck pain, releasing stress, preserve vitality and enhances self-esteem. Water itself is most beneficial effect on the human body and as such is swimming one of the best forms of recreation. Proper swimming, where acting almost all muscles and the body weight is also equally distributed

Swimming can also be unhealthy form of recreation, as far as exercise is performed incorrectly. Most massive used swimming is frog style“, where head is out of water all the time; you can already after a few minutes of swimming cause neck pain and chest of spine. Reason for pain is unnatural head position in this kind of swimming. With proper breastroke, backstroke and freestyle techniques there are no such pain.

As every aerobic exercise swimming is useful for regulation of blood pressure, to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, to increase our maximum consumption of oxygen, to reduce cholesterol, to control body weight and body composition, etc. Inside our swimming PROGRAM we offer more than just simple swimming, because our programs are designed with all necessary elements to make the best of it in desired of final success.