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Relaxation program – STRESS RELEASE

IMG_5031You are fully occupied with your everyday life and you can not find time for recreation? Do you deal with anxiety or depression? Program is intended for adults over the age of 18 years, and includes guided relaxation swimming, water relaxation exercises and whole body therapeutic massage. Program is oriented individual, where the integrity of participant is fully protected. It is also designed for those who are over-burdened with work and time constraints leads to problems. The program is completely personalized. You can choose between 1 -month course and 3 -month course packages.

 Program sequence

– First swimming training and after sauna program

– Once per month therapeutic massage with Severin Lipovšek

Indicative hour schedule ( 45 min)

– 10 ‘ warming up (dry land)

– 5 ‘ warming up (water)

– 10 ‘ relax swimming

– 10 ‘ intensive swimming

– 10 ‘ cooling down

+ Stretching (dry land)

Price list


Priceper m./

1-month course

(4x 3-hour package: swimming & Sauna program)

+ 1x therapeutic massage (50min)


3-month course

(12x 3-hour package: swimming & Sauna program)

+ 3x therapeutic massage (50min)