The conceptual leader and founder of Rok Kerin Swim Academy is a former world class open water swimmer, a winner of multiple national championship titles and a long-time national team member in open water swimming, a European Championship and World Championship participant in open water swimming and a winner of FINA Grand Prix marathon. With more than 20 years of experience in swimming, self-organized trainings and competitions around the world, Rok Kerin has established his own swimming academy. The academy continues the work he began as a swimmer and as a graduate at the Faculty of Management where he researched strategic development of an athlete.

Our programs are connected to each other with our most important source of life – water. Its beneficial and practical effects everyone thoroughly understood. In the current times, people increasingly resort to nature. Rok Kerin Swim Academy achieves its goals with water, knowledge and personal experience of all collaborators that knows how properly teach the individual to utilize their own abilities.

Academy speciality is that the activities are unique for its techniques in the implementation of the separate assemblies of programs, because they are based on the personal approach and high-quality execution for each individual. It is also our intention to implement programs in small groups, where each individual receives the same attention and must be treated individually as to its components, needs and goals.

The programs are divided into individual lots for easy identification of our customers needs. We offer several types of healthy recreation, training, education with safe lifestyles through sport and water utilization. The true extent of our programs is also present entertainment from which are easily attainable goals. Programs are designed for all age groups with different needs and represent the hard work with right amount of relaxation.



Rok Kerin Swim Academy is dedicated to all who are interested in swimming and would like to improve their daily lives through the development of their own abilities. The academy offers several activities related by a common denominator – water. I joined my own experience and knowledge with the knowledge of people from other areas. The idea of and desire to establish my own academy has been developing in my mind for several years. My multi-annual cooperation on the international scene and living in harsh conditions at home and abroad led me to these discoveries and achievements. As a child of a working class family I had no real possibility of travelling around the world, meeting all the people in those areas and discovering different lifestyles at home and around the globe. I have decided to unite my own experiences and people with qualified in various fields of work to pass the knowledge and skills onto others.