OPEN WATEROpen water swimming is becoming one of the most popular sports aroung the globe. Not only among the swimmers, but also among recreational people who just love to swim in the sea, ocean, river or lake. There is so many oportunities nowdays where you can swim in open water. It is a beautiful sport, but can be also dangerous if you are practising it without proper knowlede and techniques.

This is a real open water program, where you will  learn proper breathing, proper techniques of swimming in open water, group swimming, positioning, drinking while swimming, efficient paddle strokes and the correct orientation methods. Same swimming techniques may be useful to competitors for all type of open water swimming, as well as recreational athletes who wants to swim in rough seas, rolling rivers or backyard lakes. The program is carried out in four parts in a single weekend with theoretical and practical demonstration. Program can also be performed in a host facility upon request.


 OWS Clinic

The program is divided into 4 sets. Each set is divided into theoretical and practical parts. For each section are displayed key elements of open water swimming where each participant will receive some advices of experienced long-distance swimmers and coaches. The program is carried out in one weekend.

Weekend clinics operates on the principle of indicated dates or by agreement may also be organized at the request of the club, groups of individuals or organizations who expresses a desire for clinic in their own swimming pool. For this type is necessary for host to ensure swimming pool for weekend (2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon), television or projector with a projection screen and sound system, and adequate space for all participants. For program leaders must also provide two full boards for three people. 


– Necessary basic knowledge of swimming

Program sequence

– 2 theoretical and 2 practical parts

– Practical demonstrations

– Program set in four parts during one weekend in total of 12 hours

– Program can be performed in the pool and/or in open water

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Price list

Weekend OWS Clinic

Price per p./€

Part 1 – Swim techniques and breathing


Part 2 Pre-Race, Start, turns


Part 3 – Navigation in different conditions


Part 4 – Situational swimming (cases)