The Piran sea bass swim 

fonda-fish-farm-tour-7---underwaterIt is a special and unique design in Open Water swimming. The game is intended to overcome fear, self-confidence and learn about something new. This unique oportunity that  Slovenian sea offers, we take as an advantage to create very special team building. In cooperation with The Fonda fish farm we organize team building by learning about the operation of the farm and the production of Piran sea bass in a manner of swimming pools and observation during feeding fish from their perspective. The special feeling that can not be otherwise experience combine swimming in open waters. Swimming length of 1 km and it is not too difficult. For those more advanced in the preparation of the program still swim a length of 5 km. If somebody does not want or dare to swim in Open Water, we have the possibility to use a kayak or paddle boards. In this game, it also offers several factors to overcome fears, getting to know the unseen and unknown, and learning relaxation techniques , as we have in observing the fish to be very relaxed. Programs of interest to all kinds of people older than 18 years.