motivational speaker, personal trainer and event organizer

kerin-obrazan-v-obleki1Rok Kerin has dedicated more than 20 years of his life to swimming and has over 7 years of professional career in open water swimming and coaching. It was during his professional career that he cooperated with many world top-class swimmers and coaches from all over the world. He has won multiple titles of national champion and raced in World and European Championships. Moreover, he is also a FINA Grand Prix marathon winner. He has participated in all major swimming marathons around the world including the biggest Midmar Mile and the longest Hernandarias-Parana FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix marathon (Argentina, 88 km). What distinguishes Rok from other swimmers is the fact that he trained in tough conditions. He was practically without a swimming pool enabling him to do tough trainings during his professional career which forced him to look for suitable solutions. What is more, raising funds which helped him to cover the costs of travelling and competing worldwide was left to be his own concern, too. During his swimming career he successfully completed management studies with honours from Strategic development of a professional athlete and is currently a postgraduate of management studies.


professional lecturer, nutricist, massage therapist and fitness trainer

_MG_3829Severin Lipovšek is a professional associate of the Faculty of Sport , where he graduated , completed his specialization in the field of fitness training and is completing doctoral studies. As a lecturer involved with various sporting clubs , Slovenian Athletic Association et al. , as a consultant for nutrition, trainer and masseur – therapist helps other sportspeople and others.

With his knowledge in field of fitness training , nutrition planning and training he has contributed to the greatest successes of many Slovenian and foreign athletes. He was in team of a Beijing Olympic Champion in Athletics (Hammer Throw) from, Primož Kozmus. He also helped other good Slovenian athletes as Polona Hercog (Tennis), Martina Ratej (Athletics), Miroslav Vodovnik (Athletics), Brigita Langerholc (Athletics), Rok Kerin (Open water swimming) and many others. Nowdays he works with Venezuela, Brasil and other South America athletes.


 swimming coach

405286_10151113599580605_2136054716_nNace Majcen has over 20 years of world-class professional swimming career and has spent more than ten years as a swimming coach out of which eight years as the coach of the Slovenian national team in open water swimming. In his illustrious swimming career, he was a European champion in 25 km open water swimming, 4th in the World Championship in 1991 in 25km race, a participant in the Olympic Games in 1992 and a winner of multiple awards from the Mediterranean Games. Nace Majcen was a pioneer in open water swimming in Yugoslavia and he participated in all major swimming marathons all over the world. His extensive swimming experiences are now being passed on to younger members of his own swimming club and while he is a cooperative assistant in our individual programmes and open water programs.


events organizer, swimming coach Level 1

nina gramcNina Gramc has several years of experience in management and organization of various events. She graduated from logistics systems. Her main responsibility is organization of team building. As a swimming coach Level 1 she also runs some of our swimming school programmes.