Weight loss program – DIET SWIM

DIET SwimWith longer swim distance you can lose a lot more calories than with the same distance of running or cycling and for that is swimming the perfect workout for weight loss. The program is intended for those who have problems with overweight and wants permanently to improve a lifestyle by continuous swimming and proper nutrition. Weight loss swimming program is based on the right proportion of swimming exercise developed with dietary habits. We have 1-month, 3-months and six-months training programs with making menus and measurements of body composition.


–  Swimming technique check up, weighning + discussion)

– Preparation of diet plan

Program sequence

– Coordinated training with prepared menu


Indicative hour schedule (60min)

– 10 ‘ warm up (dry land)

– 10 ‘ warm up in water

– 5 ‘ intensive swimming

– 5 ‘ relax swimming

– 5 ‘ intensive swimming

– 5 ‘ relax swimming

– 10 ‘ exercise swimming

– 10 ‘ cooling down

+  Stretching (dry land)

Price list


Price €/p./m.

1-month course

(12 x swimming + diet plan)


3-month course 

(36 x swimming + diet plan with measurements

of body composition + consultancy)


6-month course

(72 x swimming + diet plan correction after 3 month +

measurements of body composition + consultancy)